3 Nigerian Hosting Companies You Can Pay With Naira

In recent times, many of us have had to make adjustments—from relying on our preferred hosting providers to encountering challenges in payment processes, leading to the necessity of virtual dollar cards for transactions.

The drawback with virtual dollar cards lies in the rates they impose. Just yesterday, a currency exchange bot on Twitter indicated a rate of 1 USD to 1300 Naira, but checking the virtual platform revealed a rate of 1414 Naira—equating to an extra charge of 114 Naira per USD.

So, what’s the solution for businesses and individuals seeking to create websites without incurring excessive charges?

To address this, we’ve compiled a list of Nigerian hosting companies that accept payments with your Naira card.

WhoGoHost: A veteran in the Nigerian hosting scene, WhoGoHost offers straightforward payment options, including bank transfers and local cards. However, user reviews point to a decline in their service quality.

Smartweb: Based in Jos, Smartweb is an indigenous hosting company with a commendable track record. Although they may have some limitations, their customer care has consistently resolved issues. If you prioritize affordability and reliable customer support, Smartweb is a suitable choice.

Verpex (Formerly Garanntor): Under new management, Verpex has reinstated its status as a reliable hosting company. Acquiring Garanntor and bringing things back to normal, Verpex excels with its reliability and amazing customer support.

To pay with your Naira card, create a ticket and request support for charging your account—both Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted.

Our Verdict:

  • Whogohost, despite its historical reputation, currently falls short and requires improvement.
  • Smartweb, while affordable, may have some limitations, but its responsive customer service compensates for any challenges.
  • Verpex stands out as the best option, providing reliability, exceptional customer support, and the convenience of Naira card payments.

Ditch the dollar card drama and choose a Nigerian hosting company that makes building your website smooth and seamless.

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