Everything You Need to Know About Our Inaugural Breakfast and Marketing Meetup

On December 16th, 2023, over 30 business owners gathered at nHub Nigeria for an exclusive and enlightening event: the Breakfast and Marketing Meetup hosted by Thrive Media Africa.

More than just a meetup, it was an immersive experience designed to empower businesses with cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Yusuf Ahmed, founder of Thrive Media Africa, set the stage with a workshop on “Digital Marketing Strategies and Frameworks.” Demystifying the online landscape, he equipped attendees with a practical toolkit to navigate the ever-evolving digital terrain and maximize their impact.

Next, Johnstone Kpilaakaa, a senior tech reporter at Bendada.com, weaved a captivating narrative in his session, “Storytelling for Income, Influence, and Impact.” He unveiled the power of crafting compelling narratives, demonstrating how stories can not only mesmerize audiences but also propel businesses forward.

The morning then took a futuristic turn with Eric Martyns, CEO of Westgate Consulting Enterprise, exploring the ethical and business uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in “Ethical and Business Use of Artificial Intelligence.” He shed light on how harnessing AI’s potential, while maintaining ethical considerations, can unlock new avenues for growth and enhance business value creation.

The final workshop saw Joey Shekwonuzhibo, founder and CEO of Zhibo Digital, dive into “Podcasting for Business Growth.” He revealed the magic of podcasting as a powerful tool for connecting with new audiences, building brand awareness, and fostering deeper engagement.

Panel Session

An engaging panel session brought all the speakers together to tackle broader issues surrounding scaling businesses and the importance of collaboration. The interactive Q&A session allowed attendees to delve deeper into specific topics and gain personalized insights.

Networking wasn’t just an option; it was woven into the very fabric of the event. The vibrant and diverse audience of entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders eagerly exchanged ideas, forged connections, and discovered new potential collaborators.

Feedback from participants:

“The Breakfast and Marketing event was a very insightful and impact-filled experience. I gained a better understanding of various topics addressed by the speakers, who provided valuable insights on marketing strategies, brand identity, the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI), and the importance of voice and visuals (podcasts) to build an audience. The networking opportunities were truly beneficial. The organizers outdid themselves! For a first-time event, it was well-executed, blending learning with a delightful start to the day with breakfast. Looking forward to future events that strike this perfect balance” – Farida Usman

“Attending the Breakfast meeting organised by Thrive Media Africa was an unforgettable experience. The facilitators were open about their success story and offered to help those present the best way they could. The meeting provided the platform for networking among business owners. business challenges were addressed by the persons present.
In my opinion the breakfast meeting should be quarterly for review purposes and feedbacks as well as the journey -so-far storie.
A big that you to the Host Yusuf Ahmed.” – Esther Praise

A Participant created a reel on Instagram about the Meetup here.

What next for Breakfast and Marketing?

Riding on the impact of our debut edition, Thrive Media Africa intends to expand the “Breakfast & Marketing” event to 12 Nigerian cities in the coming year, starting with Abuja. Our big goal for 2024 is to connect with over 300 business owners.

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